Green Screen

George Albert Smith created the green screen technique in 1898 when he shot live actors as part of his brief film The Young Mr. Lincoln. Most individuals know exactly how a TV Weatherperson stands in front of a map revealing the weather, this makes use of Green screen innovation. Filmmakers likewise use it as a choice to reduce the cost of making stars appear as if they are flying in the sky, swimming undersea, or floating in space.

What is Green Screen Video?
The green screen video technology allows you to film before the green background, and then change the background with another video or still image. The “Green” in the name describes the color of the screen, not any type of certain shade of Green. You can call it greenscreen, chroma-keying, transparent video clip, and also Green screen video clip.

Green Screen Example
Green Screen Example

In general, we call these videos chroma key or Green Screen because they use a technique called chroma keying which enables filmmakers to replace the background with any other picture they want. Television utilizes this method for weather forecasts, information, and also entertainment programs. In these situations, the presenter stands in front of a green screen and also speaks about the subject at hand. The electronic camera is then moved to record their environments from various angles.

Many companies use this method for digital filmmaking, in addition to for other applications such as computer game layout, photo adjustment, and special effects.

Green Screen Video
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