Logo Design and Color Psychology

Color psychology is an important aspect of Logo Design. When we see colors, we connect with them immediately on a subliminal level. It is not clear if our responses are the result of our biology or our socialization or a combination of the two. One thing is sure, people respond to color.

Marketing experts know about that powerful connection between customers and color. A great deal of research utilizing controlled experiments shows that color has a huge influence on people’s perceptions of logos. Companies have discovered that altering a logo’s color even a little bit can have a giant impact on sales.

We respond right away when we see colors. It takes place faster than we can read a single word. The mind makes connections and opinions before we even know what we are looking at!

A logo is one of the most repeated and seen symbols of your business. It’s on your letterhead, your site, business cards, products and more. It’s your “brand” and it’s an inseparable part of your company.

When you think of how crucial your logo is and the power of color, it’s pretty obvious that color psychology should be a huge part of logo style. If you overlook the color choices in your logo, you may be “turning off” possible customers rather of bring in brand-new purchasers.

Color Psychology Basics

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Here are some of the most frequently utilized colors and the messages they communicate. It is a fascinating intro to color psychology

Mystery, secrecy, tradition.
Power, peace, success, dependability.
Earth and nature, simpleness, severity.
Harmony, health and healing, nature and animals, money.
Affordability, enjoyable, youth, imagination, event.
Fantasy and dreams, justice, royalty.
Excitement, action, experience, love, enthusiasm, food. WHITE: Simplicity, cleanliness, innocence.
Cheerfulness, playfulness, interest, amusement.

Utilizing color psychology to your advantage isn’t simple. The above list shows typical colors and discusses what they tend to represent. That only scratches the surface of exactly what color psychology is all about.

Logo Design Experts

A logo design expert will understand how people react to various mixes of colors and will be able to combine the messages of color psychology with style. The outcome will be a logo that is both remarkable and optimized for color usage.

Today, a lot of us are in love with the “do it yourself” plan. We think that if we do a little research and strive, we can do things as well as an expert. That may be true sometimes, but logo design is a perfect example of when we require a specialist’s assistance.

Logo design specialists understand design. They know the power of various forms and can produce logos that communicate the nature of a business. They have unique skills and knowledge that assists them to produce winning logo designs. As well as create a look that matches your brand.

The smart use of color psychology shows how the skills and understanding of an expert can make a big difference. An excellent designer will know how to pick colors to interact with your message successfully without running the risk of the errors that “do-it-yourselfers” do.

Consult with a skilled logo design specialist who can use the science of color psychology to your benefit if you are in the market for a logo design!

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