What is Whiteboard Video?

I have had many people ask,”What is Whiteboard Video?” At its foundation, a whiteboard video shows the hand of an illustrator illustrating pictures as well as words while a voiceover discusses a suggestion, item, or solution. Whiteboard Animation video clips are normally seen on the web on YouTube as well as Facebook, Vimeo, and also any kind of various other video sharing website. Whiteboard Videos come in several various designs as well as the design will certainly depend on the musician’s unique design. If you are looking for a method to improve the discussion for your item or solution, making use of whiteboard animation is the means to go.

Simply Exactly What is Whiteboard Video?

A whiteboard video shows the hand of an illustrator illustrating pictures and also words while a voiceover describes a concept, item, or solution. Whiteboard Animation video is generally seen on the web on YouTube in addition to Facebook, Vimeo, as well as other video sharing website. Commonly they are made use of for education and learning. However, it is becoming much more common for a business to use them to explain their product or service.

Whiteboard Videos are available in various designs which will certainly depend upon the illustrator’s specific style. Good Whiteboard Video Production Companies will have many artists on staff, so you have several styles to choose from.

Most whiteboard videos are brief, 1-3 mins long. This is to ensure that they are concentrated on a very specific aspect of the product, service or idea.

What are the Advantages of Whiteboard Video?

  • Show just how your item functions
  • Produce an upmarket feeling of the service or product as well as validate a costs cost
  • Make a service or product extra appealing
  • sexier and also vibrant looking
  • as well as boost its regarded worth
  • Offer an uninteresting system an aesthetic increase with interesting graphics and also animation
  • Dramatize tiring info and also information
  • Make anything look reducing side and also cutting-edge
  • Produce something that could never ever be attained via real-time shots

What are the Applications of Whiteboard Video?

  • Demonstrate how your service or product could be put on an issue
  • Program the interior parts of an intricate item
  • Bring the customer on a scenic tour of a center or residential property making use of 3D animation
  • Demonstrate how an item engages with its consumers
  • Demonstrate how an extremely complicated system overcomes computer animated series and also layouts
  • Showcase an item or center that has actually not yet been constructed
  • Program numerous successive procedures of a system or production line
  • Program numerous unfavorable situations that could be fixed with making use of your service or product
  • Zoom right into a tiny information of an item or its part
  • Program each phase of an organized growth plainly
  • Demonstrate how something like a clinical gadget connects with the body

What is Whiteboard Video?

Utilizing whiteboard explainer video is a great means to boost the discussion of your item or solution. Smart firms are utilizing it to explain new products and services. So should you.

What is Whiteboard Video?

Whiteboard videos stimulate your visitors’ brains. Watching the hand of the artist sketch the images is like a time machine with each new illustration practically hypnotizing your viewer. Because of this hyperfocus, the viewer also keeps in mind more of the content of your whiteboard video than regular videos.


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