Instagram is a social networking app which permits its users to share pictures and videos with their buddies. The app can be downloaded totally free from the usual app shops and takes pride of place on numerous a young adult’s (and older!) wise phone.


Established by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, both Stanford University graduates, in 2010 and now has around 200 million users. Facebook, the social networking giant, bought the company in 2012.

It’s been gaining traction mostly thanks to everyone’s new obsession with mobile photography, so do not feel embarrassed to ask if you have absolutely no idea what it’s all about.

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Photo Sharing

While its fundamental premise is the sharing of pictures, the site’s popularity comes from its picture-editing performance.
When a user snaps a photo, Instagram filters– of which there are dozens– can change images in a manner reminiscent of old-fashioned Polaroid prints (right).

While the app also enables the creation of individual profiles, it likewise can be linked to existing social networking profiles such as Facebook and Twitter, indicating users can share their images across platforms.

Instagram is a social networking app produced sharing images and videos from a smartphone. Much like Twitter Or Facebook, everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed.

Pretty simple, right? It’s like a streamlined variation of Facebook, with an emphasis on mobile usage and visual sharing. Much like other social networks, you can interact with other users on Instagram by following them, being followed by them, commenting, preference, tagging, and private messaging. You can even save the photos you see.

When you post an image or video, it will be displayed on your profile. Other users who follow you will see your posts in their own feed. You’ll see posts from other users whom you choose to follow.